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Complete projects on time and within budget using customisable turnkey solutions designed to slash paperwork, improve visibility across sites, and manage your teams effectively. Our out-of-the-box digital solutions help you to reduce the time spent on admin tasks, giving you more time for billable work without jeopardising quality, compliance, and safety.

Stay on time, on budget, and maintain compliance!

What turnkey solutions
are available?

Our expert team has developed three cost-effective and adaptable templates that digitise processes and policies, enabling you to spend more time on work that matters most and minimise risk.

easy-to-set-up solutions

Is project management software just for the big boys? We don’t think so, because repetitive, time-consuming paperwork puts all work on hold while documents are filled in, and reams of paperwork read no matter the size of the business. Time pressures often mean that workers avoid engaging with critical content, leading to an increase in on-site incidents, or costly unscheduled rework, which will harm any business.

CodeSafe provides a range of affordable, easy to implement turnkey solutions that help businesses big and small meet compliance while still ‘getting on with the job.’

  • Starting with a FREE APP TO ALL END USERS and no per-user pricing
  • Fast track compliance and significantly reduce risk with low-cost, out-of-the-box solutions
  • Take control of your workplace with ready-to-run templates that can be customised to meet your business requirements
  • Stop wasting time double handling paperwork or inputting data into a spreadsheet and use the free-to-user QIN mobile app instead
  • Cost-effective monthly payment options

Keep it simple

Keeping workers up to date with the latest training and information is vital. Yet, it can also be a nightmare, inevitably resulting in delays, more risk for workers, and overblown budgets. Access to critical information is often via written procedures or face-to-face training on or offsite. While managing and tracking compliance involves masses of paperwork, putting pressure on limited time and resources.

CodeSafe helps solve these issues with user-friendly, customisable turnkey solutions designed to improve communication and compliance in the workplace.

  • On-demand access to short instructional videos and e-forms to distribute correct workplace procedures and processes whether on or offline
  • Your own company communication channel to consistently share valuable information, educating your workforce and meet your compliance requirements
  • Digitise processes and policies to increase time spent on the job
  • Quickly fill in pre- and post-job reporting on a mobile device to significantly reduce time doing paperwork

Improve site visibility.
Maximise profits.

Businesses need to complete projects on time and budget to maximise profits. As a result, the temptation is often to have a just get the job done approach, which can compromise compliance, quality, and safety. At the same time, lengthy inductions and paper-heavy procedures often delay critical activities. The level of risk increases as the business rushes to finish the job on time to avoid cost blowouts.

Use CodeSafe’s out-of-the-box turnkey solutions to induct workers and contractors visually and then leverage that same induction tool further to improve real-time visibility across multiple sites and projects.

  • Speed up inductions and ensure workers are compliant with e-forms that can be accessed, filled in, logged and saved via a mobile device, eliminating masses of paperwork
  • Verify comprehension and engagement with critical visual content, massively reducing workplace risk and ultimately avoiding the need for costly rework
  • Effortlessly ensure your workforce has the correct, up-to-date licenses, qualifications and accreditations to meet compliance
  • Real-time monitoring of activities across all sites to help manage teams effectively, minimise downtime and make sure tasks are done safely and correctly

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