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Rising Work Cover costs, political pressure and digital change are forcing government & regulators to play a greater role in influencing worker behaviour for safer and more productive workplaces. Make a positive impact on an industry with a customised solution to improve compliance, quality and work health & safety outcomes.

Improve compliance and reinforce regulations to minimise risk

Government & regulators are under increasing pressure to enhance societal outcomes and promote safer, healthier and more efficient workplaces. Non-compliance, inconsistent messages on correct work procedures and miscommunication between businesses and their diverse workforces make it difficult to provide a framework to consistently protect businesses, workers and consumers. Introducing appropriate controls to fast track instruction and reduce paperwork is essential to minimising risk and increasing the compliance of all areas of industry.

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Improve societal outcomes with better information delivery

High-risk work environments, procedures which change from one job to the next and different levels of compliance and training create a complex environment for government & regulators to manage. Rising costs of policing compliance and increased pressure to introduce or support solutions quickly can make the job at hand, at times, seem impossible.

Code Safe Solutions are experts at:

  • Providing instant access from a mobile device, anytime and anywhere to current regulations, guidance notes and instructional videos
  • Helping regulators develop and deliver targeted visual instructional resources to their varied audience
  • Equipping government & regulators to maximise the return on budgets allocated through sustainable, agile solutions that can evolve with changing regulations
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Equip workers with knowledge to boost technical proficiency

An ability to identify, capture and transfer knowledge is key to equipping workers and thereby minimising risk to consumers. Highly-skilled workers are more productive and less at risk of being involved in a workplace incident that could impact regulators, employers and families. Better communicating compliance expectations supports a safer industry, protects consumers and encourages workers to adjust behaviour by being more aware of current, correct workplace procedures.

CodeSafe can help quickly communicate to multiple audiences through:

  • Delivering training videos and learning modules via the CodeSafe powered by QIN user interface
  • Cost-effectively creating a visual body of knowledge that audiences can access on demand
  • Tracking and verifying engagement and comprehension
Did you know? QIN can even be used to issue and manage licences, qualifications and registrations.


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Access regulatory requirements anytime, anywhere

Industries with diverse workforces and different levels of compliance and training can be confusing to navigate. Knowing where to find and keep up to date with the right information can be a minefield. Often people need quick access to regulatory information but just can’t find it.

CodeSafe brings an efficient and cost-effective mobility solution to this space through:

  • A QIN mobile communication channel that is easily navigated and can link to a large volume of government & regulator resources
  • Visually communicating complex legislative themes to a diverse audience
  • Instant version control across all stakeholders of critical information
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Engage your stakeholders at minimal cost

Traditionally government & regulator communication initiatives have proven to be costly, time-consuming and cumbersome. Regulators are under increasing pressure to adopt digital technology solutions to reduce these costs and improve the speed of distribution of critical content.

Many systems are rigid and extremely expensive to implement, manage and change. CodeSafe’s solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Grow organically with your requirements as they evolve
  • Realistic price points
  • Free to the end user
  • Self-managed and agile
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • And above all, secure!

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