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Enhance enterprise efficiencies

Costly and unplanned rework, strict compliance requirements and a rise in safety incidents are forcing organisations to improve how they manage the communication of training, instruction and supervision across complex supply chains. This can either be a costly headache or they can choose a CodeSafe solution.

Identify, capture and transfer knowledge

Our solutions create a framework to consistently identify, capture and transfer the wealth of industry knowledge that enterprise organisations have gathered in their journey to becoming successful businesses. For an enterprise organisation, maintaining their reputation of reliably delivering a quality outcome, is as integral to their ongoing success as financial returns are to their shareholders.

The solutions CodeSafe offer enterprise clients will successfully combine increasing workforce capability and competency with assurances of quality expectations being met. Furthermore, the financial benefits of minimising rework provide extra confidence to all involved.

Keen to know more? Watch how we helped McConnell Dowell to upskill their workforce.

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Effortlessly upskill workers

Sub-contractor workforces in a high-risk environment lead to many dangers that could significantly impact an organisation’s success. Training and induction can change from one day to the next, while diverse skill levels across a job site can result in inconsistent quality of work. A competent and confident workforce can be elusive, holding back an enterprise from reaching its goals.
CodeSafe Solutions helps organisations to equip workers easily and cost-effectively through:

  • Identifying, capturing and communicating the information needed to ensure organisations have done all they can do to upskill their workforce
  • Providing mobility for micro-learning visual content through the QIN app, which facilitates on-demand access to instruction and supervision for all levels of a sub- contractor workforce
  • Providing proof of engagement and reporting analytics to verify compliance and minimise risk
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Maximise productivity and minimise risk

Different levels of skills and experience within a workforce impact productivity and ultimately the bottom line. Inconsistent procedures and processes can hinder an organisation’s performance. Time and resources are wasted on unscheduled and unbudgeted rework, reducing profits for businesses already operating on tight margins. Rework is a major contributor to accidents in the workplace.

An organisation can improve productivity and promote safer work environments using CodeSafe’s mobile visual micro-learning content:

  • Deliver short instructional videos communicating how to carry out work safely and effectively
  • Remote workers can use their mobile device to view job procedures, training videos, log hazards and report incidents whether on or offline
  • Monitor and track worker to verify engagement with visual content.
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Empower your workforce

An inability to keep workers well-informed with critical information on procedures and compliance requirements can result in budget blowouts and deflated workers. At the same time, ensuring workers are compliant is a nightmare when you have limited visibility across very large projects. Upskilling contractors often requires massive investments in money, time and resources pushing already stretched budgets to the limit.

CodeSafe can help organisations to better communicate critical content, as well as worker know how to reduce these risks:

  • Keep workforces well-informed with critical information on workplace procedures and processes to improve productivity and prevent safety incidents
  • Compliance training can be delivered and easily accessed anytime, anywhere via a user-friendly, free mobile application
  • On site induction, job reports and updates can be completed and reviewed immediately and without the need for face-to-face meetings or masses of paperwork

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