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We build custom solutions for all kinds of organisations

Whatever your business problem, as solution architects we work with you to develop customised solutions to help you thrive and succeed. Make use of bespoke solutions that help to manage and improve the communication of critical workplace procedures, reduce man-hours spent on administrative tasks and ensure the safety of your workforce.


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Government & regulators

Government & regulators are under increasing pressure to enhance societal outcomes and promote safer, healthier and more efficient workplaces. CodeSafe helps organisations to play a greater role in influencing behaviour with purpose-driven solutions that increase worker engagement and knowledge retention, ensuring compliance with local and international standards, and safer work environments.

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Communication of workplace procedures and processes, wherever your workforce happens to be, is critical if enterprises are to survive in today’s fast-paced business world. Our expert team collaborates with organisations to build customised solutions that help better communicate vital information and reporting to avoid costly, unplanned rework; minimise risk and fast track compliance.

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Small-to-medium businesses

Finishing jobs on time and within budget is crucial for SMBs to maximise profit. Time-consuming administration tasks and unplanned rework can be a headache for businesses already operating on slim profit margins. We have developed customisable toolkits for SMBs that increase the time businesses spend working on the job  ‘not the paperwork’ and reduce workplace incidents.

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