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Work smarter with visual communications

Capture key messages in short micro-learning videos that improve efficiencies and fast-tracks compliance in your workplace. Our in-house team of media coaches collaborates with you to discover the optimum way to sustainably produce visual content to meet your business needs.

Make our expertise yours

We don’t just create the media you need for your business. Our goal is to educate and empower organisations to develop their own body of mobile visual micro-learning content to sustain success. Using a proven framework CodeSafe’s team of media experts will equip and empower your workforce to create relevant, professional content that will cost-effectively capture and transfer industry experience.
Our post-production services transform your raw content into a quality final product, providing a valuable, time-saving option that makes best use of your budget.

Why is visual content important? Keep reading.

QIN app - High volume training solution

More people learn visually

Critical information that workers need, particularly in high-risk and dynamic industries, is often buried in long and overly complicated documentation. Yet, up to 65% of people are visual learners. Most people respond to visual content faster than text-only material and are then able to store information more easily, which makes communication quicker and simpler.

Lengthy and complex written procedures are often ineffective in delivering information to workforces who rely on the material to increase productivity and avoid incidents.

CodeSafe collaborates with organisations to create visual micro-learning videos that mirror the real work environment, leading to improved knowledge retention and recall by showing ‘what good looks like’.

CodeSafe video of a technical procedure

Reduce misinterpretation

A more knowledgeable and competent workforce is the key to better business outcomes and minimising risk. It is important that organisations deliver critical information in a format that is easy to understand and accessible wherever workers are located.

Video is well suited to communicating information to workers who need it to minimise risk in their workplace. Visual content enhances comprehension through demonstrating how to perform an activity safely.

A CodeSafe produced video draws on experienced workers’ ‘know how’ to transfer knowledge and promote engagement, increasing the likelihood that procedures will be adopted and followed consistently.

Construction Site - Building concrete pump

Bridge language and literacy barriers

Communicating critical information to a diverse and dynamic workforce can be problematic. Inconsistent levels of skills, experience and language and literacy make it crucial to present workplace procedures via a method that addresses these challenges.

Often today, workers are asked to read complex, written documentation which is time-consuming and difficult for workforces with language differences and time constraints. Visual content, however, provides an undiluted alternative method of workplace learning that depends more on ‘seeing and doing’ rather than reading text-heavy resources.

With a focus on demonstrating ‘what good looks like’, video helps to overcome language and literacy barriers and improve comprehension of critical information.

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