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Custom solutions for your organisation

Every business is unique and so are the challenges they face. CodeSafe enables your organisation to increase productivity, improve quality and create a safer workplace with a solution developed for you. Our team of experts draw on decades of experience to help you develop customised solutions that enhance your business outcomes.

The 3 pillars of our customised solutions

From the beginning, we have collaborated with organisations of all sizes to develop mobile visual-learning content to resolve business challenges and maximise profits. The solutions we develop for you leverage our expertise in coaching & consulting, technology and media, to build a more competent and confident workforce.

CodeSafe media

Coaching & Consulting

Build a more productive workforce. Learn to create effective visual content to promote productivity, increase safety and meet regulatory requirements.

CodeSafe Coaching & Consulting


No need to rip and replace. The QIN user interface seamlessly integrates our solutions with your existing systems to deliver critical visual instruction and reporting to your workforce.

CodeSafe Technology


Minimise risk and communicate knowledge via visual procedures that overcome language and literacy barriers and prevent expensive rework. Build your own archive of visual content to enhance productivity and protect your workforce.

CodeSafe Media

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