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Get the right information to the right person instantly, even from multiple systems, through a single user interface called the QIN (Quality Information Now) mobile app. The QIN platform and mobile app is the only software as a service solution that integrates onboarding, learning, quality and compliance into the day-to-day flow of work. QIN is designed with the end-user in mind to maximise engagement and is highly configurable to your unique industry needs, achieving better outcomes for your business.


Cost-effective adoption
of best-of-breed solutions

Having the agility to adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape means you can always serve your workforce and customers effectively. With CodeSafe you’re able to adapt quickly, minimise implementation costs by harnessing QIN’s operational excellence ecosystem, while simultaneously leveraging your legacy system investments.

A single user interface that accesses many different systems, means consistently delivering solutions that allow workers to have easy access to what they need to know while they do their work, building confidence and competence.  

Our expert developers have drawn on decades of experience to build a proven and tested software platform which any sized organisation can leverage for better business outcomes. With over 10 years of development behind it, QIN is robust, secure and scalable, so you can have confidence in it all day, every day. 

Want a competent and confident workforce?
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Quick and easy access to content anytime and anywhere

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, with employees or using contractors, you’ll probably need your teams to have the ability to access essential information, instruction, training and reporting on demand. 

Using the QIN app, workers can readily access content on their mobile or tablet, even when working in areas with poor signal or even offline where there is no network coverage.   

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A FREE user profile that automatically manages compliance and training information

Imagine how much time and money both you and your workers could save if licences, tickets and other compliance information were readily available and reminders for their currency maintained automatically?  

The QIN app collects, stores and manages commonly accessed compliance information in a user profile. That information can be leveraged into forms, inductions and training records without unnecessary double handling from site to site and job to job. 

Automated activities assigned and tracked in real-time

Imagine how much double-handling could be avoided if activities could automatically be assigned to the right person when an event is recorded? 

QIN workflows have the smarts to not only assign, but track, share and escalate a required activity following any operational, quality, incident or maintenance event.  

Push notifications are sent directly to the individual, with built in reminders for outstanding tasks, and all visible in real-time on customisable dashboards. 

Learn how you can create your own channel on QIN to power your business by contacting CodeSafe Solutions today. 

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