Offline mobile capability

Staying connected with remote workers, particularly in areas with poor mobile reception can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced business world. Nimblex, by Australian company eBMS, solved this issue with a mobile solution that offered offline capabilities for their software to workers wherever they may be.

Stay connected and work smarter, not harder

In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping connected to your workforce anytime and anywhere is a must. This can be a challenge for businesses who rely on maintaining a connection between the office and remote workers. Particularly in regional Australia or areas with poor mobile reception. For numerous reasons paperwork often never makes it back to the office. While budgets can easily blow out due to the lack of visibility into the progress of offsite projects.

Nimblex, by Australian company eBMS, overcame these issues by adopting the QIN user interface that offered offline capabilities for their software to remote workforces.

Fast track compliance with offline capabilities

Nimblex is a browser-based management software platform configured to an organisation’s unique business requirements. The modular solution is offered to customers as a ‘branded technology’ to help meet compliance, governance and assurance needs.

Across many industries, remote workers and 3rd party contractors are common. Businesses in these sectors wanted a reliable mobile solution to help maintain the connection between the office and field.

eBMS, creators of Nimblex, didn’t have an offline solution to offer customers. The company had explored the option of developing its own offline mobile application, however, delivering the flexibility individual clients required proved to be a challenge and not cost effective.

Connect with your workforce, wherever they are

eBMS needed an offline mobile capability that enabled its clients to better manage their remote workforce while maintaining their individual business processes.

High on its agenda was 100 percent reliability of data transfer in marginal or no signal areas.

Bridging the gap between the office and the field

In collaboration with eBMS, the Nimblex QIN solution was created to help organisations maintain business continuity wherever workers were located. The seamless integration allows Nimblex to offer mobile offline capabilities to businesses with remote workforces from a single software platform.

Using the QIN mobile interface, workers in the field can complete and submit forms and access critical information or watch training videos whether online or offline. The QIN app enables data to be captured onsite and processed back in the office via Nimblex software, ensuring improved decision making and more efficient work processes.

Ultimately, the capability to create individual channels on the QIN user interface allows eBMS to offer a ‘branded’ solution to each client without the massive workload and expense of building bespoke mobile applications.

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