High-volume training solution

Industry regulators are all about ensuring an efficient and competent sector. A sudden and sustained increase in workplace incidents around a certain activity can be a critical challenge that needs to be managed quickly. One state regulator solved this issue with the rapid creation and efficient deployment of supplemental training material to help practitioners complete and retain accreditation to do their work.

QIN app - High volume training solution

High-volume training solution to reduce industry-wide risk

As an industry regulator, a primary focus is to ensure an efficient and competent sector. Guaranteeing practitioners are compliant and have the correct licences and certifications to complete jobs, helps to protect customers and workers themselves. This is particularly challenging when industry practices evolve quickly causing activities to not be performed correctly, thus increasing the potential for incidents.

Supplementing training information to upskill people quickly is problematic, expensive and traditionally time consuming.

One state regulator solved these issues by partnering with CodeSafe to quickly produce a solution that would efficiently develop and deliver industry-wide supplemental training material to practitioners to help them retain accreditation to conduct their work.

Quickly deliver new training material to upskill workers

This regulator realised that a quick response was needed to prevent rising workplace incidents around a certain activity. To ensure that workers and customers were no longer at risk, new learning material had to be created and distributed to practitioners industry wide.

For the regulator, it was vital that they could prove that the diverse workforce engaged with, comprehended and applied the information on a critical installation and testing process to avoid further incidents. Previous initiatives had struggled to engage large numbers of the targeted practitioners effectively, and the increased time pressure only served to further complicate the implementation of any solution.

High-volume training solution to improve engagement and minimise risk

This industry regulator needed to redefine how it created and quickly distributed training material to produce better and safer outcomes for tradespeople and customers.

It wanted a new learning module for high-volume training that could be delivered to the intended target audience while monitoring and tracking engagement with the material. The new program had to fit the individual needs of learners, be easily accessible and cost effective to implement. More than that, workers had to be able to review the critical information on demand, when they needed it, regardless of where they happened to be.

Electronic educational material to overcome industry training barriers

CodeSafe worked with the regulator to design, create and deploy a new learning module which could be accessed via a mobile device using the QIN user interface.

The solution allowed the regulator to monitor and track comprehension and engagement with training material, through custom dashboards, verifying practitioners were confident and equipped with the knowledge to do their job. Industry workers who needed to update their skills to either achieve or retain accreditation could complete the module wherever they were on a mobile, tablet or desktop device.

The QIN user interface integrated data back into the regulator’s legacy database to ensure consistency. To maintain ongoing engagement with its intended audience, the regulator can now also push updates to this information to practitioners.