David Broadhurst

Performance beyond the skills obsession

David Broadhurst | April 4, 2022

For a long time, global thought leader Charles Jennings had been concerned with the ‘skills obsession’ – a belief that improving skills is the answer to increasing performance.  Of course skills are important, but they are not as important as many think they are.  Without support through access to the right information, the right tools, and the right guidance at the right time, skills count for little.  With this kind of support, workers are far more likely to deliver high-quality work in a safe way.

In conversations with CodeSafe’s Co Founder & CRO David Broadhurst, Charles suggested producing this discussion paper, because he feels the CodeSafe approach is at the forefront of using performance support well. David’s previous work with Professor Helen Lingard of RMIT was impressive, particularly in highlighting the gaps that often appear between ‘work as described’ and ‘work as performed’. Charles felt this discussion paper should focus on the important underpinning element of performance support in the wider context of learning and performing.

Read the full discussion paper here: Performance beyond the skills obsession

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David Broadhurst

David co-founded CodeSafe Solutions in 2011 to transform how critical information is communicated to remote workers. With a background in the construction industry managing the installation of pipelines all over Australia, David developed CodeSafe's award-winning Experiential Learning Process to improve worker engagement and reduce risk in the workplace.
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