Jacqui Broadhurst

Announcement to all of our Victorian customers

Jacqui Broadhurst | April 21, 2021

As you will no doubt be aware, the Victorian Government has mandated that all services using QR codes for location check-in be linked to their Visitation API, to assist with COVID-19 contact tracing, by Friday 23rd April 2021.

We are pleased to announce that QIN CodeSafe fully supports the Visitation API and has completed integration testing, only now awaiting final activation by the government along with most other providers – Connected Third Parties list.

As long as your relevant forms (sign-in, attendance, pre-start, etc.) include the fields required for contact tracing (first name and phone number) your business will automatically be compliant.

Please contact CodeSafe Support on 1300 475 557 if you have any questions or need to check the form configuration.

Jacqui Broadhurst

As a co-founder of CodeSafe Solutions, Jacqui's first role was as a media director. After managing the initial CodeSafe platform upgrade and subsequent partnership with Revelation Software Concepts, Jacqui took on the role of managing director.
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