Covid-19 Contactless


Having safe, cost-effective and, most importantly agile, solutions to manage Covid-19 risks in workplaces is becoming an essential business requirement for any industry. The best option is to choose digital and contactless sign in and permit solutions that are quickly implemented and don’t require expensive hardware. CodeSafe has you covered across the board.

QIN CodeSafe is being linked with the Victorian Government Visitation API to allow use as an approved electronic record keeping solution for tracking site visits and venue/location check-ins, as mandated by the current COVIDSafe requirements. This allows limited visitation data to be requested by and automatically returned to contact tracing teams in the event of an exposure, within minutes instead of hours or days. Testing is currently underway with the integration going live soon.

We are pleased to announce that QIN CodeSafe fully supports the Visitation API and has completed integration testing, only now awaiting final activation by the government along with most other providers – Connected Third Parties list.

As long as your relevant forms (sign-in, attendance, pre-start, etc.) include the fields required for contact tracing (first name and phone number) your business will automatically be compliant.


A contactless visitor, employee or contractor Sign-In facility can be implemented on your site within minutes when choosing the CodeSafe Contactless solution.
Create and print out secure QR codes for display on the entry to any site. Add an additional COVID Self-Assessment plus automated Sign Out reminder push notification to close the gap seen in many systems when it comes to true compliance.
Real-time visibility through custom dashboards and automated email alerts will give you additional peace of mind.

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