Connecting people, valuable resources and information on the run

Revitalise and mobilise any business process and get the right information to the right person on demand. Spend less time on tedious paperwork, administrative tasks and written procedures, and more time on the business with your own channel on the QIN communication platform and mobile app.

A central hub for quality, safety, training, and communication

With the QIN mobile application, workers can access everything they need to perform their role successfully and safely, from a single location. Crucial information, instruction, and micro-learning videos can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere via a mobile device. Activate and make available valuable content to workers, whether full-time employees, part-time staff, or a sub-contractor workforce.


Combine compliance and quality assurance

Empower workforces with micro-learning videos and critical instruction to help prevent on-and-offsite safety incidents and improve quality outcomes.

The QIN mobile app’s offline capabilities allow workers to download valuable information when in range and seamlessly access and submit content in remote areas. This ensures consistent work processes are engaged with and followed every time.

Modernise workplace training

Reinvent how you deliver training by capturing key messages in short micro-learning videos and hosting them on the QIN platform for on-demand access.

The QIN user interface makes it easy to distribute visual content directly to workers, guaranteeing consistent practices and helping them to complete tasks or projects on time and within budget

Simple & effective communication

Link digital and visual content from any part of the organisation to a single central hub for on-demand delivery to your workforce.

You don’t need to abandon your existing systems. The QIN platform and mobile app seamlessly integrate with your current systems, acting as a single hub of information from many different systems, which reduces adoption resistance and cost of implementation . Communication with your teams is enhanced through integration with 1000+ premium applications to drive the best outcomes.

Confident & competent workforce

Getting the right information quickly to the right person is critical to ensure consistent outcomes in a workplace, improve productivity, and build a confident and competent workforce.

Using the QIN mobile app to connect to many different systems, means your workers will always have easy access to what they need to know.

Virtual eyes in the field

The QIN mobile app can be your virtual eyes in the field, providing visibility and insight across your organisation.

QIN facilitates inspections and audits, real-time pre and post-job reports, identifies issues to resolve, all of which help you to manage tasks and projects from wherever you are.

QIN Passport

QIN’s digital passport manages compliance and training information

Imagine how much time and money both you and your workers could save if licenses, tickets other compliance information were readily available, and reminders for their currency maintained automatically?

The QIN mobile app provides a free digital passport that collects, stores, and manages commonly accessed compliance information in a worker profile. That information can be used to auto-fill forms, inductions, and training records without unnecessary double handling from site-to-site and job-to-job.

  • Store information to refresh knowledge anywhere, anytime on and offline
  • Instantly receive all updates and notifications to minimise the impact of training and inductions changing one day to the next
  • Free app to users so you don’t miss out on critical visual and digital content whether a full-time employee or sub-contractor