Jacqui Broadhurst

Jacqui Broadhurst
Co-Founder & CEO: All of Business

As a co-founder of CodeSafe Solutions, Jacqui’s first role was as the media director. After managing the initial CodeSafe platform upgrade and subsequent partnership with Revelation Software Concepts, Jacqui took on the role of Executive Director, and now CEO for All of Business.

She was one of the key solution architects involved in the development of the QIN (Quality Information Now) communication solution CodeSafe’s innovative mobile delivery technology.

Jacqui is committed to helping businesses identify, capture store and transfer critical information in the most visual way possible to create more efficient, safer worker environments. She focuses on creating solutions that utilise an optimal adult learning methodology and visual procedure framework to deliver micro-learning modules that are easy to consume and understand, overcoming language and literacy barriers.

With a strong background in engagement strategy, implementation and solution monitoring, Jacqui has built a number of successful businesses and worked for large multinationals on three continents.

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