Fiona Lorenzini

Fiona Lorenzini
Head of Marketing

Fiona Quill is Head of Marketing for Revelation Software Concepts

She first joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2017 to oversee marketing activities and help realize RSC’s vision for its multiple brands including CodeSafe Solutions. Fiona has held a variety of marketing roles in the software industry, enabling her to build effective programs for individual RSC brands, and expanded their reach into local and global markets.

Fiona’s ability to quickly realize the value new technologies bring to specific markets is key to her success in increasing RSC’s brand awareness. Significantly, she is helping to build a community of brands, partners and users to make a better world.

Outside RSC, Fiona is passionate about organizing fundraising events for charity and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Swinburne University.

Wisdom crafted by Fiona Lorenzini

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Supply chain training and instruction

Employing a remote sub-contractor workforce on high-risk projects can lead to reduced safety outcomes that significantly impact productivity and the capability to satisfy contract terms and conditions. The Waterways Alliance (WWA) addressed these problems using a solution that provided greater visibility into its workforce and ensured that procedural guidelines for safe work practices were followed.

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communication coaching on the worksite

Communication coaching

The success of pre-start meetings is only as good as the level of worker engagement and participation. The Epping to Thornley Third Track Alliance guaranteed its pre-starts were a success through equipping leaders with the communication skills to run compelling briefings that ensured the comprehension of critical procedural and safety information.

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National induction process fast tracking compliance for a sub-contractor workforce

Contractor management & compliance

Employing sub-contractors across multiple projects Australia wide can challenge your ability to efficiently and productively manage jobs. Bristile Roofing resolved this issue with a standardised visual training, job allocation and compliance solution that provided high-visibility into its sub-contractor workforce.

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QIN app - High volume training solution

High-volume training solution

Industry regulators are all about ensuring an efficient and competent sector. A sudden and sustained increase in workplace incidents around a certain activity can be a critical challenge that needs to be managed quickly. One state regulator solved this issue with the rapid creation and efficient deployment of supplemental training material to help practitioners complete and retain accreditation to do their work.

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QIN App-supplying offline capabilities-Quality Information Now -held by Codesafe consultant

Offline mobile capability

Staying connected with remote workers, particularly in areas with poor mobile reception can be a challenge in today’s fast-paced business world. Nimblex, by Australian company eBMS, overcame these issues by adopting the QIN user interface that offered offline capabilities for their software to remote workforces.

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