Andrew Gorrie

Andrew Gorrie
Media Director

As media director, Andrew is responsible for all media creation at CodeSafe. His duties include managing the workflows of staff and contractors and creating training packages for all organisations from SMBs to enterprises.

While the role is a new one for him, Andrew has been part of the media team at CodeSafe as a contractor/employee for six years. He worked closely with co-founder Jacqui Broadhurst on a lot of the systems and processes that are part of CodeSafe’s workflow. Andrew developed the media training package that CodeSafe still uses today and helped create the award-winning MAC EEIS online training package for one of the company’s clients.

Outside of work, Andrew likes to spend time with family and friends. He is heavily involved with the Salvation Army in Mornington and can be found in summer on the streets early in the morning helping young adults after a night out.

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