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CodeSafe Solutions

We are solution architects engaged by high-risk industries to equip a diverse workforce. Our team uses a proven methodology to create and deliver visual resources and digital solutions, customised to solve your business challenge.
Organisations including SMBs, enterprises and government & regulators use our mobile visual micro-learning solutions to improve productivity, quality and safety on their projects.

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Our Story

Born out of a near miss on a project, our founder recognised that a change needed to be made in how information was communicated to frontline workers. To meet the challenge, CodeSafe built a prototype software platform and mobile application to deliver critical information, by the most visual means possible, direct to its target audience.

Early recognition from WorkSafe Victoria and an RMIT University evaluation confirmed that the platform, leveraging a proven learning methodology and visual framework, could make a real difference across workplaces.

To further develop a solution and allow it to scale for all organisations, we initially partnered with international software developer, Revelation Software Concepts (RSC), who specialise in change management software solutions in SAP environments. RSC enabled CodeSafe to evolve its initial prototype into the first iteration of the QIN CodeSafe communication platform and app.

As QIN and its customer base continued to mature, the need for a singular focus in the development team was required. CodeSafe, along with the key software engineers who had been working on QIN, therefore uncoupled from RSC to ensure it could extend its services beyond construction into healthcare, aged care, manufacturing, utilities, agriculture and transport.

Today, in order to solve each business’s unique challenges, CodeSafe collaboratively develops solutions with subject matter experts, and hosts and delivers them via QIN. We are bolder, more focused and more committed than ever to making a difference for our customers, regardless of industry.

We understand that organisations operate in highly competitive, fast-paced environments and need simple, efficient solutions that are agile, easy to implement and that maximise profit and minimise risk.

Our Team

CodeSafe’s founder David Broadhurst had witnessed too many deaths and significant injuries in the workplace. He was adamant that a shift had to occur to refresh workplace culture around processes and procedures. Out of this desire, CodeSafe was born – from the field, for the field. At CodeSafe, our heart will always be to create a safer and more productive workplace through valuing people. Founder, David Broadhurst has strived to surround himself with like-minded professionals who share his vision, in his quest to achieve these goals.

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RMIT Recognition

RMIT researchers wrote a paper titled, Using participatory video to understand subcontracted construction workers rule violations, based around CodeSafe Solutions. It received the award for Best International Paper at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Researchers in Construction Management.

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2013 WorkSafe Award Winner

Health and Safety Invention of the Year

This award recognises individuals and organisations that develop and/or manufacture innovative solutions to health and safety issues or hazards. We developed a solution to standardise workplace procedures through the use of visual content to win this award.

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