Codesafe solutions for workers in the field

We deliver purpose-driven solutions that engage and equip your workforce

Our story

Not everyone learns the same way!
Some people struggle in a world that does not recognise their needs. Many are screaming out inside for help. We feel for these people who have so much to offer if given a chance.
In 2011 CodeSafe set out to solve a problem but along the journey discovered a way to achieve even more. CodeSafe has pioneered a way of communicating critical information. Our heart is about honouring people and their learning preferences and equipping people for work, but this overflows into their lives by building confidence, competence and resilience.
A new chapter has dawned for CodeSafe Solutions. Today as solution architects we can assist you in equipping your workforce and growing your business.

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Customised solutions

Organisations face unique challenges every day. We concentrate solely on creating customised solutions that resolve issues, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you!

Night construction workers on freeway overpass
workers in hard hat and vests using real-world solutions on the job

Why CodeSafe Solutions?

We are solutions architects engaged by high-risk industries to equip a diverse workforce. Our team uses a proven methodology that creates and delivers visual resources and digital solutions, customised to solve your business challenge. Organisations including SMBs, enterprises and government & regulators use our customised mobile visual micro-learning solutions to improve productivity, quality and safety on their projects.

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Real-world solutions

Every business is unique and so are their challenges. We have developed numerous real-world solutions customised to solve them. From compliance management to mass training and supply chain visibility, organisations have used our solutions to better manage projects, overcome language and literacy barriers and promote an engaged and competent workforce.

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